Lafayette Drug Crime Lawyer

Lafayette Drug Crime Lawyer

Lafayette Drug Crime Attorney

Drug crimes can be difficult to understand, especially for those who have never been charged with a crime before. There are many different types of charges for drug crimes, and a defendant’s exact charge will depend on the severity of the situation and the type of drugs involved. Most drug charges are felony offenses, which can impact your rights as an American citizen. To learn more about how you can address your drug charges, speak with a Lafayette drug crime lawyer.

Lafayette Drug Crime Lawyer

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R. Scott Iles is dedicated to fighting for his clients. He has experience with a wide variety of criminal cases and can advocate to reduce or even eliminate some drug possession charges. His commitment to serving those who cannot fight for themselves has led to success for many clients over his almost 35 years of experience. Contact the Law Offices of R. Scott Iles today to have your story heard and fight for your rights.

What Do Different Drug Crime Charges Mean?

There are many different types of drug charges, and the prosecution will apply them based on the context of a given situation. The most common charges include:

  • Drug Distribution: These charges are typically given to individuals who attempt to sell or otherwise distribute drugs to others. Drug trafficking has a similar definition, but this charge is usually associated with higher amounts of drugs being found at the scene.
  • Drug Manufacturing or Cultivating: If an individual is found creating drugs or growing plants that can be used to make controlled substances, they can be charged with drug manufacturing or cultivating.
  • Drug Possession: Possession is one of the most common drug charges. It can apply to any individual who has more than the legal limit of a controlled substance, regardless of whether it is for personal use or an attempt to sell it.

Can I Defend Against My Drug Charges?

It is possible to create a valid defense that can delegitimize a drug charge. In some cases, charges can be reduced or even dropped. This can happen due to errors by law enforcement or being able to prove that you did not possess the drugs.

Illegal Search

One of the most common forms of defense in a drug possession case is an illegal search. Law enforcement has detailed rules they must follow when searching a person’s property for drugs. If these rules are not followed to the letter, then the drugs found in the search might not be admissible in court, which could lead to the prosecution being unable to prove your possession charges.

Quantity of the Substance

Another issue brought up in drug cases is how much of the substance was actually found. If a drug was found in large amounts, then law enforcement might add an excessive drug distribution charge, even if the individual was not selling or distributing the drugs. The substance might not have been found in the concentration that law enforcement claims it was, which could be used to reduce drug distribution charges to possession, with its lower penalties.

Someone Else Possessed the Drugs

In Lafayette, LA, if the accused lives with other individuals or shares common spaces with others frequently, then it might be possible that the drugs that were found were in someone else’s possession, and the defendant is being unfairly charged with possession of another’s drugs. This defense could lead to an acquittal if it can be proven.

Regardless of what defense is appropriate for your situation, it is a good strategy to speak with an attorney as soon as possible after being charged with a drug crime. They can determine a personalized plan to minimize your charges as much as possible to preserve your future. Don’t make such an important decision without professional assistance.


Q: Do First-Time Drug Offenders Go to Jail in Louisiana?

A: Most convicted drug offenders go to jail in Louisiana, but there are exceptions. The state offers certain programs that allow some individuals to avoid jail if they receive education about substance abuse and engage in community service. To qualify for these programs, a drug offender must not have a criminal record before their current charge. To learn more about first-time drug offenses in Louisiana, speak with a drug crime lawyer.

Q: Is Using Cannabis Considered a Drug Crime in Louisiana?

A: It is still considered a crime to use cannabis in Louisiana if you do not have a medical marijuana card. Efforts have been made in recent years to reduce the amount of charges for cannabis use, but this does not make cannabis fully decriminalized. Even if you do not face criminal charges for containing small amounts of cannabis, you can still receive other consequences, like fines. Talk to a drug crime attorney for more information on cannabis use in Louisiana.

Q: Can You Be Charged With Drug Distribution Without Selling Drugs?

A: In some cases, possessing a large amount of a drug can result in a distribution charge. Sometimes, law enforcement assumes that owning a lot of a drug means that you are distributing it, even without explicit proof. In other instances, the prosecution overcharges individuals by assigning them a more serious charge. If you believe that your charges are excessive or unjust, speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Q: How Do I Get Out of a Drug Charge?

A: Some people are able to get out of drug charges, depending on their circumstances. In many cases, individuals are charged with drug crimes that are excessive for the crime committed. There are sometimes procedural errors committed by law enforcement that could make your charges invalid in the eyes of the court. Working with a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in drug charges can improve your chances of reducing a charge or even eliminating the charges.

Fight Against Your Drug Possession Charges

Just because you have received a drug charge does not mean that you must face its consequences. It is still possible to reduce your charges or eliminate them completely with the right legal representation. The Law Offices of R. Scott Iles is dedicated to fighting for individuals who have been wrongfully accused of a crime. For more information on how we can help with your case, schedule a consultation with us today.