Lafayette Car Accident Lawyer

Lafayette Car Accident Lawyer

Lafayette Car Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle collisions are an everyday occurrence that can be as simple as a minor annoyance to as severe as a life altering or even a fatal event.

Whether you are injured while operating a car or a motorcycle, handling motor vehicle collision claims requires making sure drivers and passengers are physically taken care of with necessary medical attention, dealing with local or state law enforcement, ensuring that the damaged vehicle is tended to by way of property evaluations and repairs, and then obtaining replacement transportation while the damaged vehicle is unavailable.

Other considerations often enter the picture, such as compensation for missed work, long term medical care, and pain management.

Most people understandably experience frustration following a car or motorcycle collision. The lawyers at the Offices of R. Scott Iles have considerable experience in assisting clients following a vehicular collision.

Whether it is dealing with physicians’ offices, billing departments, repair shops, or insurance companies, our firm has the knowledge and ability to move a motor vehicle wreck claim through in an efficient and effective manner.

Scott has represented a high volume of clients who suffered personal injuries and property damage from car collisions. The Law Office of R. Scott Iles’ repeated dealings with insurance companies and insurance company lawyers affords the firm the ability to evaluate and prosecute claims in the best manner possible.

Scott carefully listens to clients, performs thorough investigations, and evaluates the facts and legal issues concerning each motor vehicle collision case before making final decisions. Some cases are better served going to trial and some are better suited by an out-of-court resolution.

Based on years of experience and hard work, the lawyers at the Offices of R. Scott Iles see to it that those injured in motor vehicle collisions are given the opportunity to achieve the best possible results.

If you sustained injuries in an automobile or motorcycle wreck, call the Law Offices of R. Scott Iles for a free consultation.

Collisions Caused by 18 Wheelers/Trucking Operators

18 Wheelers are generally the biggest vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, these big trucks can cause some of the most catastrophic injuries in Charlotte, NC. Because of the size and dangerous nature of these bigger vehicles, liability issues, insurance policies, and the laws differ from the considerations that are normally involved with car collisions with smaller vehicles.

Knowing how to properly evaluate injury claims caused by 18 wheelers or big trucks involves critical inquiries directed to multiple parties including the driver, the owner of the tractor, the owner of the trailer, the individuals who loaded the trailer, the employer of the driver, and others such as manufacturers of the truck or trailer, the maker of the component parts, and sometimes even mechanics.

Insurance matters involving 18 wheelers/big trucks can also be more complicated as more parties are often involved and finger pointing is a frequent issue. Sorting out the employment, ownership, and insurance issues in 18 wheeler cases is costly and time consuming. The lawyers at the Offices of R. Scott Iles have successfully handled many cases involving 18 wheelers because of experience, diligence, and understanding of this area of the law.

Call the Law Offices of Scott Iles to set up your free consultation for injuries related to an accident with an 18 wheeler or another big truck.